Monday, February 20, 2012

Potty Time!

Breaking News: This morning 17 month old Desmond went pee while sitting on the toilet.

He ran in to the bathroom and was telling me with his baby language/nonverbal communication that he wanted to get up on that potty! Last week he wanted up there and he sat on the little seat just smiling and enjoying his thrown for a few minutes, then he hopped off. That is what I was expecting today so I started doing things in the laundry room but then some movement caught my eye and I squealed. He was peeing!
While sitting on the toilet!
He was peeing all over the floor while sitting on the toilet!

I don't have a little pee catcher on my potty seat. See, I had a girl last time and those things are not necessary for the fairer sex. :) So he peed this big arc all over the floor and his legs. But the intent was there and I was overjoyed. And the cutest thing was how proud he was.

checking out the pee on the floor

feeling pretty jazzed about his new trick

So if anyone out there has tips for helping an early potty training interested kiddo, I'm all ears! 
I'd love to keep thing going. 

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