Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts on Marriage

Last week Aubrey was picking out her clothes for a Valentines Day party we were going to and she had decided to include a veil from the dress up basket. She was telling me what she wanted to wear to the party and she couldn't remember the word veil so she was describing to me what a veil is.

And I quote: "You know the things you wore when you married daddy. When you got married because you didn't have anyone to care for."

 . . . .When I didn't have anyone to care for. So, in her sweet little mind I got married to Shaun because I wanted some to care for and I suppose because in return I wanted to be cared for. This might be because she equates love with caring for someone because that is one of the main ways she is loved (since she is a small child that requires lots of care). :)

Regardless of how she got the idea I think it is a pretty sweet way of describing marriage.

And just for fun here are some pictures from my wedding five and a half years ago now!


Carleigh said...

love you guys!

Erin said...

Love you too.

Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures! You guys look so happy!