Thursday, November 6, 2008

Over extended

I am lying on my couch exhausted using my laptop to warm my lap. Fall has finally come and I am once again happy that my laptop puts of an amazing amount of heat, not so fun in the summer.

Aubrey and I are exhausted today. We had a super full day yesterday, spending the morning in SLO, the afternoon watching my favorite two year old, and the evening with our new friends. Everything we have been doing is fun, I am just beat. I guess I am no longer the energizer bunny. I use to be able to go go go. Granted that was before I had a little munchkin of my own who still wakes a few times in the night.

It looks like I am going to need to slow things down a bit. Having two of three social get togethers a day is taking its tole. When Bree was first born I was craving just one friend to talk to and hang out with and now the Lord has blessed me with too many. Every week I seem to meet another person who I think it would be fun to hang out with. I never thought I would have this problem! Like I said my early days as a stay at home mom were pretty bleak in the social area.

I am not sure what we are going to do. I have a weaken when it comes to making decisions about social stuff. I worry to much that I will make the wrong choice and miss out or have things go badly. I have regretting and going down the "should have" path. I'm getting better at leaving the cards where they lie but it is definitely an area that the Lord is hounding me in right now.

Wow my life is so terrible! lol I am glad I'm writing this out because truly this is a great problem to have. I just hate to miss a good time but I doubt an exhausted mom and babe will still find themselves welcomed if they don't find some time for rest and naps.


skylana said...

yea i totally wouldn't wanna hang out with you if you were exhausted... hahahhahahahaahhahah. i'm so glad your bloggin again.... no one blogs enough any more... except me of course, i overblog.

Anonymous said...

YEEEEEEES! Could it be true? Your blog has been resurrected! :-) And TWO posts! happy. I wish I got to be one of the social gatherings. I'm throwing a post-election party next week to celebrate the ending of this election. I'm going to sport my "Barackstar" shirt...good times, though it won't be the same without out.....damn distance. I love you conejita!! xoxo ~rach