Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bree Update

Last week marked Aubrey's seven month b-day and boy is she one crazy kid.

Let me list her new accomplishments:

She has two bottom teeth. 
And boy did she earn those little suckers. There were a few days when I thought a gremlin had come in the night and replaced my sweet little baby. 

She is eating real food
Food her mother prepares for her, which has been pretty easy so far especially with the help of our neighbor's food processor. Bree has been really good about eating everything I have given her except zucchini, her zucchini face was priceless. I think she would have emancipated herself right then and there if she had know what emancipation was. 

She is crawling like an old pro. 
It is so funny when she crawls from the living room to join me in the kitchen, she has this sad little cry that she makes the whole way until she can plop herself down at my feet, and the she is content. Sometimes she crawls up my leg like she is asking to be picked up. So I do and I hold her for a bit and then she has had enough and wants to go play once more. It is like she is saying, "Just checking in Mom."

She is pulling herself up and standing. 
She especially enjoys pulling Daddy's speakers off the entertainment center.

She is super active. 
I feel like any day now she is going to be a toddler asking me for things. It is said so much but I have to agree, It is flying by so fast.

I am so in love with her and I marvel at the fact that a whole person exists inside her little baby body. She got her first pair of jeans last week and when she wears them with her little baby shoes she is the cutest babe around.

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