Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New World

Nothing like a Presidental Race to get me blogging again.

I am not completely sure how I feel about the results of the election . . . . It is only slowly becoming real.

I do know that I feel hopeful: I cried when I listened to OBama's exceptance speech.

I feel like things in this country might change for the better.

I feel like I might want to actually fly an american flag.

I want to feel patriotic not just know I should be thankful for everything in my life that comes from being an American citizen.

Bree will grow up in a country that elected Barack OBama to lead them. That is pretty fantastican. The fact that is an African American is pretty awesome but I am more excited about what I see to be his reasonable, intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate character. I believe he can appoint people who will and can make changes in our government so that it is working for its citizens. I am feel optimistic about the future of our government and our society. I like the ideal Barack represents. I like that I can call him Barack and that I secretly wish he and his family could all come over for dinner.

I am excited about the future. Yay for America! *tear

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