Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pool time

We had an amazing time at my friends pool! It is fantastic to have a big cold wet thing to dive into on a day like today, when it is 99 degrees out.

It was so nice to have a more fair ratio between children and adults. lol Also Bree is at a great age where if I throw a blanket or towel down just about any where I have created an instant play mat. It is great to finally have a baby who can entertain herself and wiggle around on her own. She even got to put on her big girl one piece suit. It is still a bit roomy, seeing as it in meant for a 6-12 month old, but she was rocking the cuteness non the less.

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skylana said...

super super cute... and i'm glad ara's boat is getting used since she just left it there... silly girl.