Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And Taya makes three

I have decided that we need to restructure this whole child raising thing. Every new Mother should get to choose a young, female, who happens to be fantastic, great with kids, and in love with her particular child. Now this person will spend all day with this new mom, talking with her, helping hold the baby, cook dinner, and clean up dinner. And this in a nutshell is what I had for the last nine days and it was AMAZING.

Taya's visit was such a blessing. I had some one to walk to the park with me and hang out with me, some one to shop with me and help me find cool clothes and sunglasses, some one to share all of Bree's cute day time moments and big accomplishments with. And she had nothing to do but hang out with us. Other Mom's are fantastic, don't get me wrong, I mean hey, I'm an "other mom" too . . . I twas just great to have some one who was there to help me and spend time with me and Bree. It was one of the best weeks of my young Mom life.

Taya left this morning. Shaun took her to the train station and when I woke Bree and I were alone again. We went to the park, we played, and we strolled. And I think Bree missed Taya as much as I did.

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