Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have been MIA for a bit because my friend from Australia arrived by train (from LA not Australia) on Sunday afternoon. And she is pretty fabulous so she has kept me on my toes.

I was so excited to see her! I even fussed over what Bree was going to wear so she would look super cute for introductions and took the car to the car wash . . . so you know this is serious.

Shaun is entertaining Taya with the Wii at the moment so I have a chance to fill you in.

It started like this . . .

It was like those old romantic movies where the lovers have not seen one another for years. I was sitting on the bench all a twitter when the train pulled in (It was a sunny day so there was no rain or steam emerging from the train as it pulled in but you make due with what you have.) and there she was all blonde and smiles . . time melted away and it was three years age. We were young girls frolicking across the Canadian country side. (we met at University in Quebec) I had to keep myself in check though because the husband and baby were with me, sigh.

We have been making the most of our sweet time together even since.

It has been so wonderful to have a mate to spend my days with. We have gone down to the park and laid out a blanket where Bree can practice crawling and squirming around and we can escape the heat under a tree and just gab. We walked to get smoothies and to enjoy the feel of the sun on our backs. We have spent our nights playing tennis (real tennis, like outside), going for ice cream, and having game nights. Our morning in SLO shopping was fantastic. (Shaun is keen to go shopping with me if I ask but it is just not the same as going with a girl who is actually having fun.) lol

All in all our days have been sublime and I am looking forward to the next five.

I'll keep you posted. :)

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