Monday, February 27, 2012

Mindful Mondays

This week I need to be mindful of my bedtime.

Lately my youngest thinks that 5 or 5:30 is a great time to greet the day.
I emphatically could not agree less!!

I have no problem leaving him in his crib until 6, my predetermined acceptable hour for motherhood to began. :) There are complications though, the biggest of which being he shares a room with his sister. Poor thing. Though I am finding she is getting used to this early am wake up call. And if she isn't with me she is against me I say!

I figure out how to trick, teach, bully, and encourage my kids to sleep in just a bit longer I am going to be mindful of one huge helpful thing that is actual in my control, my bedtime.

So this week I will retire early. I will close the laptop. I will stop trying to find new recipes to pin (oh my). I will not get sucked into something new at 9:00. And hopefully I will be in a good mood coming 5 am (hopefully!).

A reminder of why going to bed as early as a grandma isn't so bad after all.

Anything you want to be mindful of this week?

And if you have any advice I can pass along, to my early birds who are eating all the
 worms before the rest of the world ever rolls out of bed, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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