Sunday, February 20, 2011

A hobby

I never thought I would find myself in this place.
Alone at 7:53 in the morning.

Desmond has ate and come and gone twice already.
Aubrey is currently experiencing a miracle. It appears
to me that she is going to hit the 8:00 mark for sleeping in.
I cannot despite trying very hard think of another day
since she was a wee baby that she has succeeding in
blessing and freaking her Mom out more.

How can she still be sleeping? Crazy.

So it looks like I need a hobby. After being basically stuck
in bed and then the house for over a week I am in need of an

I'm just not sure what to pick.

I could finally learn to sew and stop "neglecting the
gift that is within me" like the quote on my sewing
machine warns me against. I've always loved the idea
of making clothes for my kids. Problem is all the girl
loves are pajamas. Maybe some loving crafted little tops and
dresses could convince her to actually enjoy getting dressed.

There is a photography class next month that seems interesting.
It might allow me to capture beautiful pictures of this quickly
passing season, instead of poorly lit oddly angled shots I take now.

Knitting was on my list of things to learn. Problem is
every time I start I pick up the needles to practice
I end up with weird scarves that bulge in and out and
not adorable little baby sweater. Odd how that works.

The point of the hobby was to get my creativity flowing and
give me a sense of self that wasn't wrapped up on
being a Mom.

But . . . as I look back on my list here every hobby
involves my kids. Baby steps I guess.

Well it is 8:09 and Aubrey has joined me, time to go snuggle.

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Aron said...

I'd vote for snuggling. ;)