Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post Part II, Visitor

My awesome friend from Australia came to visit our little family once again. She was here for a week and a half! Bree and I took her to all of our things: mommy group, play dates, girls night out. It was great seeing her meet the people who are important to me. We had a blast. She is so sweet with Aubrey, they way she talks to her and interacts with her. It was such a treat for Bree and for me to watch. We also loved having the extra pair of hands around the house.

Having her here in winter though made me miss her summer visit so much, when a walk to the park everyday was the best. Ohhh how I miss the feel of that warm sun heating me up. Summer I long for you. The rain is great since every living thing needs water. :) But it is not so great for a SAH Mom with no car. Thankfully in Atascadero we can have rain and sun in the same day!

We also got to see our best couple friends Rico and Rachel. They had two different engagement shoots to do in SLO so we pulled out the air mattresses and fit five people into our little house. It gets cozy so good thing we all get along. I got to help them a bit with their second photo shoot doing assistant stuff. It was awesome to be part of it and see them in action. They are so creative and talented. If you need wedding shoots, maternity pictures, family portraits, or anything of the sort check them out! www.studiocastillero.com

I love it when they come. And hate it when they leave. At least we will get to see them in March when we take Bree on her first mini road trip down to SD. And we are going to the ZOO!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for photography assistants that are posing masters when your brain is dead after hours of shooting! Yay for road trips to SD and the zoo!!! Yay for adult conversation! and BOO for leaving SLO :-(

I miss you and love you! We had so much fun!!!