Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post Part I, Naps

lt has been over a month since I last posted. YIKES. I have so much I could talk about which feels nice for a change.

I've decided to write what Bree is doing during all my posts:
Right now Bree is walking (spoiler alert), crawling, laying around with her sippy cup. Eating it, drinking through it, sucking on it, and holding it on her head. Fun times!

I guess I should start with an update on the nap situation. Things are totally fine now. Turns out Bree is just turning more and more into a Little person everyday. And as a little person she decides to exercise her right to not sleep., even when she is tired. She doesn't want to nap, she wants to play. So instead of going down the moment I put her in her crib she needs to get her ya-yas out before she can fall asleep. I was too attentive and was not giving her time ALONE to do this. I had to keep checking on her. It was an obsession.

Remember the last time you tried to take a nap? Would it have helped you to fall asleep if someone had come in every few minutes to "check" on you. Especially if the last time they did you were just laying there staring about to succumb to sleep. Well if your not sure I think I can answer for you. No it would not help! In fact it would make things so much worse. Especially if you liked this person and would much rather play with them than sleep.

So I have had to let go. For real this time. lol. And let me find sleep on her own. Turns out I don't need to know the moment she falls asleep. I don't need to make sure she is covered with a blanket. What I need to do is make sure she can fall asleep on her own because I won't be able to follow her around all her life putting a pacifier in her mouth, throwing her back into bed , and wrapping her up in a blanket so she won't move when she can't sleep. I do plan on having a life some day and I think this scenario would make it very hard for Bree to have any friends in her dorm.

Shaun was really helpful through this whole process.
Yay for strong husbands!

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