Friday, January 2, 2009

Another year

Shaun let Bree sit up in the bath tub the other night. And it unleashed a flood of emotions from me. I actually sat on the couch all curled up looking at him like he was evil.

It was pathetic. Thankfully Shaun is a very forgiving guy who happens to love me, a lot!

I cried a little too. Turns out I am sad to let my baby grow up. She is nine months old now. The poor thing deserves to play in the tub. She is steady enough now and smart enough not to do anything too crazy like try and climb out and slip and kill herself. I can see that now after watching her play in there. Her Grandma got her a basket ball hoop with big suction cups and some balls, she loves to chase after the balls and grab them and then of course, put them in her mouth.

She is getting bigger. She will turn one this year. She will walk in the next month or two. She will never again be my baby.

I can have another baby and I have reminded of that fact by many people. But I think Skylana will understand what I mean when I say, "but this little one, this baby is my baby."

I'm working through the pain. lol I am learning to embrace the chance because I can't stop it as my dear husband pointed out, "I am powerful but not that powerful."

So true . . . deep breaths.

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skylana said...

luckily you're not having another baby any time soon, so you can just soak every second of her up and bottle it in your mind.

i let ara sit up in the bath when she was 5 months old... hahaha i was eager for her to grow, til i realized what happened when she grew... i get knocked up again.