Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Season

This is Bree's first holiday season, well the first she was able to witness from outside the womb. And as a first time Mom who is really into holiday crafts and traditions and any excuse to get kids and families together to have some sort of "organized fun"I was really looking forward to celebrating the season.

I wanted to trick or treat again, carve goofy pumpkins, and see the excitement on little ones faces when they see the tree on Christmas morning. I am not sure if you have spotted the problem yet so if not you are like me and I am going to need to share my new found knowledge with you. Bree is still a baby. Meaning she has no idea that she was dressed up as a mouse for Halloween or that the Harvest party we took her too was worth staying up for. lol

The Christmas tree is just a thing conveniently holding red balls that are great for sucking. The presents under the tree are just handy steeping blocks for reaching said red balls.

Winter Wonderland down at the sunken gardens held no excitement for Bree. Turns out they don't let babies slide down the snow hill or play in the snow pile, or ride the train. And apparently said baby would rather be warm and snugly at home anyway.

So . . . I think I may need to wait a few years for the "magic" to return.


skylana said...

nah the magic will be there next year. think about how much arabella is into her happy birthday party, and next week she'll be that into christmas... and she's about the age bree will be next year! woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand....sometimes I just wish Ben would appreciate his kitty treats that my coworker made for him for Christmas. The Christmas tree for him is something to climb or eat (then throw up), and the lights just something for him to chew on. At least with Bree the magic will come someday...hmmmm...perhaps I should have a kid. ;-)