Thursday, August 21, 2008


So we have been operating with one car for awhile now and it has its pluses and minuses.


Being nice to the environment by sparing it one less car emitting pollution

Spending less money

realizing that I almost always use the car to go places then require me to spend money

Getting super excited when I do decide to take Shaun (the husband) to work so we (me and the baby) can have the car

Getting good exercise and time outdoors by walking to the store


being drenched in sweat, getting heat stroke, and wanting to pass out because we walked to the store! (it pretty toasty here in the summer)

Sometimes going well, a little crazy . . .
(that will happen when you spend all day with an infant in a condo that has less then 800 square feet)

Today was one of those super exciting days when I got to hang out in SLO. I dropped Shaun at work and drove down town. Of course Aubrey had just fallen asleep and normally I feel guilty and don't want to wake her by stopping the car but not today baby! Today was our day in SLO. So I pulled the baby out of her comfy seat and tossed her in the ergo and off we went.
(Side note: I had no idea what I was doing when I bought my baby carrier and I feel for the ergo because it was made from organic fibers and looked so hip and hippy. And before I knew it I had bought a very expensive baby carrier where the baby can only face inward and of course I have a baby who loves to face outwards! To solve this for the time being I just put her in standing up facing out. It works fine for now because she is small and doesn't mind having her feet squished. Bless her heart)

I was excited to get a Starbucks latte, because I had a gift certificate, but that was about all I had planned. There was another Mom in there with a cute little girl all wrapped up in a moby style carrie. We made eye contact like Mom's do and smiled and that was it. I grabbed my drink and headed out to enjoy my morning down town. It is rare that I am downtown now so I had no idea what to do next! I zig zagged in front on Starbucks for a bit changing my mind about where to head next when the Mom I saw before called out to me from her table and asked if I was just hanging out. Apparently I looked as lost as I felt. lol I said yes and she invited me over to sit with her.

We talked for about an hour and she turned out to be this great woman and we had a ton in common, granted we have only talked about our kids so far but as I'm sure you know opinion about child rearing can vary quit a bit! I got her number and am looking forward to calling her.

The reason I am writing about this is because it was a big deal for me. It is hard for me to justify going to SLO and today I just felt like we made the right decision. It was one of those days when I felt like I was really making the decision that God wanted me to. I just felt on. I didn't go back in forth about whether I should go to SLO and drive Shaun and myself crazy. I am really good at that by the way. I'm talking real natural talent.

So back to the one car subject. Turns out today having one car was a blessing. I got a latte, had a great conversation, meet a potential friend, snuggled with my baby, bought a new shirt, and got to feel like I was living this day in sink with God!

I'm off to pick up the hubby and go to Farmers Market. What a great end to a fantastic day.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun day! I wish I could have been there with you in SLO. I'm jealous! And look at you, picking up on other moms...*sniffle* proud.

skylana said...

that sounds like the kind of day i have been longing for. i want to go to farmers! lucky lady. i want to reassure you about your choice of the ergo.. the reason they can't face out in an ergo is because its not good for baby's backs at all to be in those carriers where they're facing out and hanging suspended by their crotches... i mean just writing that makes it make even more sense... could you hang your body weight by your crotch? didn't think so. ha. me and seth have the same issue with one car, but i can't imagine having two now... i would feel so outrageously extravagant!

A thankful heart said...

I like rachael...from all the stories and her sense of humor... but this is about you:)
That's really funny...After I dropped my grammy and dad off at the airport, I thought about going to down town SLO and then got overwhelmed at the thought of everything else I had to do...but I would have seen you:( For the last two years we only had one car, but we live in the same town Rex works he rode his bike every day(sweet sweet man!!) Since he rode I would feel guilty "going out" using the car for something other than family arrands. During the wet months he would have the car completely...but I've learned to be a home body and to enjoy staying home!I never thought I'd say that:) Oh, and I got the baby bjorn out for you to take tomorrow! The boys asked if Sam was coming...haha I wish:) I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your zesty night...we are and will be:) See you tomorrow afternoon!